Cisse 'Fans Facing Difficult Time'

09 May 2013 11:35
Papiss Cisse says there's no escaping Newcastle United's Premier League plight. Papiss Cisse: “We know at the moment it’s a very difficult time for the fans.

“I often see people when I’m out and about on the street, and they tell me how difficult it is.

“Sometimes, obviously, there might be discontent with the result.

“But I can accept that. It’s our job. As supporters, they’re in their rights to feel like that.

"But when we go out there we do our best for them and for this club.

“We’re working hard to stay in the Premier League.

“We want to keep this club in the Premier League.

“We know, for the fans, the best time in their week is when they come and watch their team.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad