Cisse Bouncing Off The Ceiling

06 October 2012 12:02
Alan Pardew insists there is no need to question Papiss Cisse's confidence.

Alan Pardew: "We all worry and especially the media worry more about his confidence than he does. It's pretty sound, his confidence.

"It was a fantastic goal, by the way. The technique to swivel and score like that was of the top level.

"But Papiss was part of a great team performance, you have to say that.

"I think people's expectations of him are too high because they want to see him race past the full-back every time, and it's impossible.

"If he did, the full-back would know what he was going to do, so he has to mix his game up.

"He has to get the balance right - I thought he did tonight. he was excellent."