Chubby Brown Of Football Paid In Pies?

20 March 2013 01:28
John Barnes has always been a 'figure of fun' on Tyneside. A man who made an England career on the back of one goal in a friendly against Brazil . yet picked up 79 caps!

He will long be remembered as the "Nearly Man".

Plenty of ability, but not the IQ to make the most of it.

Always outspoken - to the extreme - and it was no surprise to hear him on Talksport say that Callum McManaman was a saint rather than a sinner,

Football fans reacted with dismay when McManaman got off without any punishment from the FA, who said they couldn't hand out a ban because an official had seen the incident.

John Barnes: "I don't think he should be charged at all. I think he's been very harshly treated.

"Tackles like that happen every single day, in every single league, at least 60/70 times. At least."

Three questions for Mr Barnes .

1) So 70 players end up in hospital every day?

2) 70 players see their careers on the line?

3) Do Talksport pay you in pies (you fat bastard)? 

Source: Newcastle United Mad