Chronicle Claims Hughton KNEW The Score!

11 May 2010 04:15
The Chronicle claims Chris Hughton knew all about Mike Ashley's plans THREE WEEKS ago. So why was Hughton talking of transfer action last Saturday? The Chronicle revealed on April 17 that Toon owner Mike Ashley held a meeting with Chris Hughton and his coaching staff immediately after the Under-18’s FA Youth Cup exit, and it is now understood that Hughton and Co were told what the score was regarding funds next season. CHANGING THE SUBJECT . Message-board poster Toon Crusader puts this to us Newcastle Utd - Mad readers . English independence NOW! . Posts: 1,030Hall of Fame  Until yesterday, I was a true British patriot, I believed in the United Kingdom, I always had. However, the prospect of a Labour led 'rainbow coalition' has led me to conclude that the UK is finished. The true Prime Minister of England is David Cameron, the leader of England's true Conservative government. The Conservatives won an over-all majority in England. Labour dominated both Scotland and Wales.There is now apparently the prospect of a Labour led 'rainbow coalition'. Fair enough, but since Labour and the Lib Dems are unable to have a majority together, they will need the support of the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, as well as 1 or more Northern Irish parties. And what would be the price for this? Its being suggested that the price would be that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would be protected from the cuts which will be needed to tackle the deficit. Would the English tax payer be happy the live under a government and Prime Minister which they did not elect, which is kept in power by their huge numbers of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs, who vote on and decide on issues which only appy to England, and are handled by the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments in their own countries. So, in my eyes, we could effectively see an age of austerity in England, but not to the same extent in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Even if you voted for Labour or the Lib Dems, you surely cant possibly see this as right, fair or legitimate.I find this situation completely unacceptable. It looks to me to be almost like an exploitative colonial relationship! Thats why I feel the end of the road has come for the UK. It just looks like a broken state for me. I say that the English should now declare our independence, and start getting the governments we vote for, not who other countries vote for, start getting governments who govern in our interest, not in the interest of other countries, and start using our taxes to pay for things we want and get, and not what other countries want and get. Its breaks my heart to say this, because I've always been pro the UK, but I honestly feel its now reached the end of the road.