Chris Waddle - Fans Are Fickle!

24 July 2012 12:19
Chris Waddle believes, like Alan Shearer, that Andy Carroll would be doing the right thing returning to St James' Park.

Chris Waddle: “He would be a great acquisition.

“Andy Carroll is good for the Premier League, there is no doubt about it. He’s big and strong and great in the air.

“His touch is a lot better than many would give him credit for.

“He’s still young and that’s what people forget.

“I honestly thought Carroll did well in the Euros, although I did think Roy Hodgson would have taken Peter Crouch for his experience.

"He did really well, and he’s still young so has a lot more to offer.

“Andy had a tough time when he first went to Liverpool.

“He found it hard to settle.

“I know what it’s like when you leave Newcastle as a young lad. It takes a while to settle.

“I’m surprised that Liverpool are even considering off-loading him.

“If he does come back I’m sure he’d be really up for it.

“I’ve always said it is a fickle game and whether people agree with me or not, it is.

“Newcastle fans gave Andy Carroll dog’s abuse when he played for Liverpool.

“Whether they thought they had a reason or not I don’t know. But I always defend players.

“If somebody is going to double or treble your wage – what would you do with your life?

“He had a chance to do that and he did.

“If he comes back and starts scoring goals, would they start singing ‘There’s only one Andy Carroll’?

“They would be the same guys who absolutely destroyed him.

“You can’t even print what they were saying. That’s why football is fickle.

“It will be a case of the Geordie boy coming home and it will be the best thing since sliced bread.”