Carroll Setting Up Toon Move?

23 October 2012 10:00
We cannot sign Andy Carroll this season - because he has played for two Premiership clubs - but is he setting up a move to Newcastle?

Carroll took a swipe at Liverpool today, as he continues to burn his bridges with the Merseysiders, suggesting he has played his last match for the Reds.

West Ham would love to sign him, but we all know, Carroll has eyes on a Tyneside return!

Andy Carroll has been quoted in the Daily Mirror, criticising the fact that he was not given a fair chance at Liverpool - and that Bredan Rodgers has no place for him in his team.

Regardless of Liverpool's current striker deficit, the manager says he will NOT recall Carroll in January.

Sometimes players just do not fit in at certain clubs.

In our history (just to name two players) Peter Beardsley didn't fit in at Old Trafford; Jon Dahl Tomasson didn't fit in at Old Trafford. Yet both won the highest honours in the game elsewhere.

Carroll is only at Upton Park because Liverpool refused to let him go to the club that got £35m for him.

But come the summer . Carroll will be heading to St James' Park!

How do we know? Nod-nod wink-wink . a little bird told us.

Well . a 6ft 5" Magpie!

Source: Newcastle United Mad