Carroll Is A Magnet To Trouble!

01 February 2011 01:06
Alan Shearer wonders if Liverpool have bought themselves a bucketful of trouble signing Andy Carroll. Alan Shearer: "Off the field, you don't know with Andy at this moment in time. "He's still a very very young guy. "He's been in trouble once or twice before and that would be the major concern. "I think they'll (Newcastle fans) be angry. They'll feel hard done by. He's just recently signed a new contract. "And after listening to Andy say he wants to stay at Newcastle, and listening to the chief executive and the owner and the manager saying he was going nowhere, I think they'll be disappointed, because they don't want to see their top player go. "They want to see top players coming into Newcastle. The fans are not really interested in the financial side of things. "But from the club's point of view, you've got to say that £35million, or whatever it is, is just a massive amount of money. "It's only a good deal if Newcastle at the end of the season go out and spend £35-40million on bringing someone, or a couple of players, in to replace him."