Carroll Cannot Lick Torres' Boots!

03 February 2011 12:51
Andy Carroll is not worried by his £35million transfer fee . but Liverpool fans are in for a shock if they seriously believe he's the man to replace Torres! Andy Carroll: "It was a lot of money but I need to do what I have to do to prove the money was worth it. "I am here to score goals and create chances for the team and that is what I can do. "I have scored goals at Newcastle and that is what I want to bring here - we'll just have to wait and see (whether the transfer fee was worth it). "Obviously Torres was a great player but I need to concentrate on my own game and play the football I know I can. "I have got massive respect for Newcastle and it is my team and my home club and I'm not really going to talk about what happened at Newcastle. "It means a lot to me but I am a Liverpool player now and that is what I have to concentrate on." Kenny Dalglish: "I'd like to reassure Andy we are more upbeat about Andy coming than I think yourselves (the media) are, because every question seems to have negativity in it. "We have no reason to be negative about Andy signing for Liverpool. It is a great signing for us, as Luis's is. "We will look forward to getting him fit, up and ready for work and he'll play when he's good and ready."