Carlo Ancelotti 'It's Time French Players Came Home'!

18 April 2013 08:28
Carlo Ancelotti has admitted his interest in taking Yohan Cabaye to Paris Saint Germain — after missing out on Moussa Sissoko.

Carlo Ancelotti: “We are looking at several players to improve our side.

“I’m not interested in the finances of a player – only his technical ability – and I’m working hard for the next transfer market.

"I dont look at the passports, I only look at the player. (Franck) Ribery, (Karim) Benzema and Cabaye are all quality players.

“Some say they have an advantage because they speak the language, but I don’t believe in only buying players because they are French.

"I believe in buying players who will make the team better.

“I like the idea of seeing great French players come back home.

“Maybe (Samir) Nasri, Cabaye or Ribery. I don’t know if those deals can be done. I’ve had no contact with those players.

“But French players do well when they go abroad — Moussa Sissoko, who I wanted to sign before he went to Newcastle, and Cabaye, who is someone I appreciate a great deal.

“We could well do our shopping in England.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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