Capello: 'Carroll Will Face Bigger Pressure At Liverpool'!

06 February 2011 01:15
Fabio Capello is confident Andy Carroll's British record £35million price tag will not hang on his shoulders. Fabio Capello: "The fee won't be a problem for him. "He has a strong mentality. When he played for England, he played without fear and with such a lot of confidence for someone making his first appearance. "It wasn't an easy game for him either because the team didn't play well. "But he was the most important player for us and I am sure he will be okay. "As a manager you quickly understand you need a really important forward to win something and improve the team. "It is an important move for him. I respect Newcastle a lot but the pressure he will find at Liverpool will be bigger. He knows Liverpool are a really important team in the world because they won a lot of titles. "He is a really good player. "At the moment he is young and strong at the moment. He has a different style to Torres, but now they have lost him, Carroll will be a very important player for Liverpool."