Can We Learn From The Scottish League?

18 April 2011 10:45
The last time anyone other than Celtic and Rangers won the Scottish League, William Wallace was being strung up in Smithfield Market. The the obvious way forward in Chilly Jockoland is to kick out the Old Firm and create a bit of interest. BUT . there could be one interesting point put forward as the 12 Scottish Premier League clubs meet today for the latest round of discussions over the future set-up of the competition. Apparently one of the features to be talked about is allowing six under-23 colt teams to compete in the bottom division - in a similar situation as the Spanish League where Barcelona and Real Madrid have a "colt team" that plays in the Spanish Second Division. Would it work in England? It would give the youngsters a better quality of opposition, rather than reserve games, but where do you draw the line - how many clubs would be allowed in? Would Premiership clubs be allowed to form a club of another identity - as a feeder club - and be allowed to start at grassroots and progress through the pyramid system to the Football League? The fact is - it works for the Spanish clubs - so why not give it a go? Please discuss on our message board.