Can St James' Park Win Us The World Cup?

24 August 2010 03:24
Arsene Wenger believes that a visit to St James Park (by FIFA delegates) could prove to be the defining factor in awarding the 2018 World Cup to England. Arsene Wenger: “When the FIFA delegation arrive in Newcastle this week, I hope they are stunned by the sight of St James' Park. By the way it dominates the skyline, a sporting citadel and the heartbeat of the city. In a city that breathes football. “There, they have a love of the game that is remarkable and this is true in many other regions across the country, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London. “If you have the infrastructure, the stadiums, the passion and the power to organise, then these are the attributes for a successful World Cup. England can deliver all of these things.”