Cabaye The New Barton?

27 August 2011 11:59
Everyone is wondering who is going to step into Joey Barton's boots and dictate the play now that Mr Twitter has legged it to West London. Is Yohan Cabaye that man? Alan Pardew: “From what I have seen, sometimes the results do not reflect the performances. “Fulham’s performances have been very strong and they have very good players. They will have another strong season. “They are a good defensive unit and they are playing a little bit more expansively under Martin Jol, so that is a little tweak on their style. We are tweaking our style a bit as well. “We have not got it as I want it yet, but Yohan Cabaye probably had his best game on Thursday night and was starting to influence things for us and making us look a bit different. “I think both managers, myself and Martin, will be looking at our side and looking for fatigue around the 60, 70-minute mark and maybe we will need to freshen the team up. “I think we will both use 14 players. “You have to remember it is a squad game in the Premier League and the other competitions you are in. “Our squad has come through with flying colours in the first three and now we have a big game tomorrow. “I think we had it a lot tougher at Scunthorpe than Fulham did against Dnipro. I have not seen their game, but I am guessing that."