Bruce Hits Out At 'Egotistical' Footballers On Twitter

05 August 2011 02:21
Steve Bruce says he cannot understand why footballers wash their dirty underwear in public. Mackem boss Steve Bruce: "I think it's like a lot of issues that management has to deal with now, as long as it's sensible and people are largely in the main sensible. "It's been quite hysterical what's been happening over the road, I have to say. We've got a few people on the social network, if that is right if that is what it is. "I think it's like anything, with common sense and if common sense prevails then we've got to manage the situation. If it gets out of hand then you've got to stamp on it. "If it's affecting your club and people are criticising for unjust reasons then of course you're going to stop it. "I can't understand personally, what the hell they get out of it. I can't. I think it's a bit of an ego thing to see who can have the most followers. That's the big thing. "As for telling you my whereabouts or I've just had my Weetabix is just, for me, farcical stuff. Maybe they have too much time on their hands. "The young society the way it is today, it's quite astounding that it's received so much coverage."