British Players Too Expensive For Toon!

07 February 2013 04:41
Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias says shopping for British talent is too costly.

Derek Llambias (talking to the Evening Chronicle): “At the end of the day it is a market which excites us.

“We have to explore other markets, though, which we do.

"We are still going to other markets. We keep an eye on the UK market too.

"British players are very expensive, which is a factor for us.

“What is fantastic about our fanbase and Newcastle is they are embracing it.

"Football is entertainment, it is passion. They know we have found a niche and they have bought into that.

“It is getting harder for us in France.

"One president of a club said: ‘What are you doing with all the French players?’ I said: ‘Eventually the national team will just send their plane to Newcastle and collect them from here!’ He laughed - while he was twisting my arm for more money!”

Source: Newcastle United Mad