Boy Do We Miss Keegan!

30 June 2013 12:32
Michael Owen feels the moment Kevin Keegan walked away from Newcastle United for a second time the magic of St James' Park went with him.

Keegan left because Mike Ashley appointed Dennis Wise to bring in players . most of which Keegan had never heard of.

When KK asked who the players were, Wise gave that infamous quote: "You will find them on U-Tube!"

Michael Owen: “It was the most enjoyable time of my career there.

“Everybody loved playing for him.

“I had often read what people said about him and wondered how you could enjoy the game or gain confidence so much from a manager.

“Yet it was true. It was an absolute privilege to play under him.

“I enjoyed my football then more than at any other point for Newcastle.

“We picked up some great results and he changed the system.

“He played myself, Viduka and Obafemi Martins as a three-pronged attack with me as a deep-lying forward.

“It was an eye-opener for me as I changed my role.

“However, it did not take away my goals or enjoyment or anything else.

“I had been a striker all my life. Yet there was a real good feeling about that new role.

“Unfortunately, it all ended too prematurely and we could not continue what we had built up.

“It is always sad when a manager leaves.

“Even when I haven’t got on with certain managers in my career, I still feel a sense of sadness when somebody leaves.

“It is not a nice thing. You are talking about livelihoods and people putting in a lot of time and effort – and dedication of their life in a certain role.

“I have always been upset when managers go.

“However, Kevin is a different kettle of fish.

“Everybody bought into what he was doing and the whole sense of feeling and exciting around him was fantastic.

“Every day in training was good fun. You would do your work but with a smile.

“It is amazing how much better you play when you are enjoying what you are doing. He created that.

“So it was even more of a sad day when he decided to leave.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad