Bordeaux Coach Happy For 'Easy' Game

06 December 2012 11:43
Bordeaux coach Francis Gillot says he is happy his team has qualified and don't have to win against Newcastle United.

Francis Gillot: “I’m not surprised at how Newcastle have done in the league because of their injury problems.

“They have many injured players.

“It’s a problem, especially if you have four or five players always injured.

“It’s not easy for a coach to establish a team. It can happen, even to the better teams. I’m not that surprised.

“It’s very difficult for all the teams in the group.

“Maritimo have struggled, and Newcastle as well, though they won against Wigan two days ago. Club Brugge have struggled in their championship.

“Bordeaux have had less problems. I said we would lose points because of the Europa League at the start of the season, and we’re not helped by TV.

“But I don’t consider our situation as being too bad.

“I think we played a good game against Newcastle. Our worst defeat was in the championship against Bastia.

“The defeat was quite heavy, but the third goal was offside, and we gifted them the second goal.

“I have to make changes. I’m happy the team has already qualified, and that we don’t have to fight to win, especially against Newcastle.

“We have a long series of tough games.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad