Bolton Happy With Point Against 10-Man Toon

27 February 2011 01:45
Bolton boss Owen Coyle tipped striker Daniel Sturridge to storm the Premiership. Owen Coyle: "There's no doubt he is a natural goalscorer, but he is more than that, he is a natural footballer. "He can finish left-foot, right-foot, he can score headed goals as well, but he has got pace to burn, he is a clever football and the great thing I love about him is he is exciting. "I love football, I want to come and be entertained and when he gets the ball, everybody in the stadium thinks something exciting might happen. "That's the type of player we want in the Barclays Premier League. "I have seen him for a number of years and I did everything in my power to bring him to the football club, knowing the impact he could have. "Daniel is going to continue to get better. Hopefully, we can help, we can hopefully impart some knowledge, experience, whatever you want to call it. "But the biggest player in all this will be Daniel, because he is the one who has to go and deliver on it when he crosses the white line, and he has certainly started in the right fashion. "Jack Wilshere has taken his game to another level now, and I have got no doubts Daniel can - that's why I brought him to the football club, because I believed he was that special. "I have said to him in there, 'Don't be happy just to score one a game, get your goal and then go and be hungry to get the second one', which he is because he is such a natural goalscorer and a finisher. "If you had offered a point before the game, I think we would have seen that as a very good point, and I don't see why at the end of the game, that changes, excepting that we could have won the game."


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