Blackpool's David Couldn't Knock Out Toon's Goliath

24 April 2011 06:16
Blackpool manager Ian Holloway says his team face an uphill battle every game, but his team almost pulled off a shock against Newcastle. Ian Holloway: "What is success at this level? For me it is playing well and giving yourself a chance in almost every game you play. We have to keep believing. "The truth is there is no way we should be doing what we are doing, with our budget. "This was one performance closer to what I want, at a time when we needed it most. That is what I am going to focus on. "We have now got Stoke then Tottenham, Bolton and Man Utd. It doesn't get much harder than that but at this level you get that every week. "We are David every week. We've been running out of stones lately but we've found some more now. "Watch out, some of you big 'uns - that's all I'm saying. We need that to be our benchmark now. We cannot afford, at this level, to be anything short of that." Blackpool midfielder Keith Southern: "That was the Blackpool of old, the Blackpool of last season. We are at it and in their faces. "If we play like that in the next two home games we will stay in this league, no doubt about it. "We have disappointed ourselves in recent weeks but I think we have just turned a massive corner psychologically."