Ben Arfa Lays Down The Law

16 November 2012 12:11
Hatem Ben Arfa's determined to take out his frustration on Swansea City tomorrow.

Hatem Ben Arfa: “Now I’m better, but I was very upset after West Ham, and everyone else was too, because we should have won the game.

“We have to win most of the games at home. Now we have to start winning games. If we don’t, it’ll be very hard.

“If we don’t win, maybe we will lose a little confidence.

"If we win, we will build. To have a very good season, you have to win three or four games consecutively.

“It’s very, very important – we have to get points. We’re in the middle of the league, and that is not our ambition.

“We have to win, and we have to try to score more goals. I’ve been practising. In the last game, we created some situations, but didn’t score.

“If you want to win games, we have to score. We have to keep the ball higher, and score goals.

“I’m happy to be on the pitch, after my injuries.

“When you’re a footballer, you want to be on the pitch.

“But I’m happier when we win. When we lose, I’m very sad.

“When I play, and we win, I’m very, very happy.

“That’s why Saturday is a very big game.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad