Ben Arfa - Do We Twist Or Bust?

23 July 2013 11:45
Hatem Ben Arfa will play against Portuguese side Pacos de Ferreira tonight.

Ben Arfa was troubled with a hamstring injury for much of last season, and the 26-year-old has only made 56 starts in his entire career, having more than his share of problems.

Newcastle United  39 (13) Marseille 10 (8) Lyon 7 (7)

The challenge for Newcastle boss Alan Pardew and the club’s staff is to keep him fit, and with Liverpool willing to offer big money - should the club "twist or bust"?

Alan Pardew: “His injury in the second leg of the Maritimo game was a massive blow to us last year.

“Really and truly, he never recovered. He wasn’t quite right.

“But we told him to have a complete rest this summer and let his hamstring heal, which he’s done.

“Now it’s about putting the work in so he’s strong enough to sustain a season.

“We’ve had him flat out, and he’s already reached the top speed he’s had at this football club.

“Fingers crossed, he’ll get his first bit of action, and he’ll get stronger as we go on.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad