Barton Will Only Stay If Ashley Goes!

26 May 2011 11:28
Joey Barton's agent claims he has already been contacted by managers interested in signing the former England international . and the only way Barton will stay is if Mike Ashley goes. Willie McKay: "I have had a few calls from other clubs because of the news - everybody knows about the situation at the moment. "I have had a few managers on asking what the situation is with Joey, but only if a top club [came in], I think he would move on. "He has set his mind up to stay at Newcastle next season because he loves it up there, he's settled and he's playing very, very well. "Hopefully he can break into the England team at some stage. "The only reason Joey will stay at Newcastle [beyond next season], I think, is if there are new owners, to be perfectly honest. "Obviously, they [Newcastle] are in a situation where they will be looking for somebody to come in for Joey and offer him a contract, but at the end of the day, it might not be the right club. "Joey is quite strong-minded and I think he will stay at Newcastle for next season. "At the end of the day, Joey likes it at Newcastle and he will probably just run his contract out. "Obviously, we need to look for something for Joey in January, and that's where we are. "He wanted a four-year contract which would see him right through his best years. He was happy to take a four-year deal and less money. "I must say that, to be fair to Newcastle and the current Board, they stuck by Joey. I think he repaid them last season - I think he had a great season. But they stuck by him, there's no doubt about that, Derek Llambias especially."