Barton To Face Beckham This Weekend!

20 February 2013 01:22
Joey Barton will face David Beckham when Marseille play Ligue 1 leaders Paris St Germain on Sunday.

Beckham is expected to make his debut for the Parisians in the league fixture at the Parc des Princes.

Joey Barton: "Paris have a lot of big names and big players. Beckham is a big star off the pitch but on the pitch it's not a big worry.

"He causes a lot less fear compared to when he played in the Premier League. It would be naive to concentrate on David Beckham.

"I've experienced Manchester City-Manchester United, Sunderland-Newcastle and QPR-Chelsea. The electric atmosphere doesn't worry me, it's even the norm for me. I am experienced, I know the score. There's nothing me for me in a derby.

"The season has already given a lot of surprises and twists. And we're not the types to give up. Nor are (second-placed) Lyon.

"We remain motivated and concentrated even if we haven't been very strong in recent matches.

"This week could change our season."

Source: Newcastle United Mad