Barton Is No Dyer!

06 April 2011 11:36
Joey Barton will be given the Newcastle United captain's armband this weekend, but Alan Pardew says he must respect the honour. But let's be reasonable here . Barton's problem is that he can show TOO much passion . unlike the scene when Kieron Dyer threw down the armband (when it was given to him by Sir Bobby when we played the Smogs) because he obviously had his head up his arse! There are players like Dyer - who couldn't give toss; and there are players like Barton - who want to walk through a brick wall. And I know who I would rather have in the team. Alan Pardew: “It is important Joey continues to represent the club in the right manner. “He will be captain for the next two games and the spotlight will be on him, that is for sure. “Everyone will be watching him to see how he handles it, but he deserves the chance to take on that responsibility – not just with his displays but also his behaviour. “There is a maturity and a calmness about Joey and, apart from one mishap against Blackburn, he has kept his control. “He was excellent again against Wolves last weekend and we hope that he can play as well this weekend against Aston Villa and in the game after that, because we will need him to.”


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