Barton Faces New FA Rap!

13 December 2010 12:41
Joey Barton could face further disciplinary charges after making explicit gestures during Liverpool's 3-1 defeat to Newcastle United. The Football Association will decide tomorrow whether to take action against Barton following a series of crude actions during an altercation with Fernando Torres at St James Park. Barton was involved in a series of confrontations with Liverpool players and referee Lee Mason's match report will determine whether charges are pressed. FA spokesman: “Essentially what will happen for an incident like that is that the FA will wait for the referee’s report. "If the referee includes something about incident and that he had seen it but it hadn’t warranted a caution then he may not get sanctioned at all. “The disciplinary people will sit down and if they need to get video evidence they will do. If there is other video evidence suggesting that he did break the rules then there is a chance that an investigation might take place.”