Barnetta Laughs At Ashley Offer!

04 August 2011 12:15
To show just how LITTLE Mike Ashley knows about football . he was just offered Swiss star Tranquilo Barnetta LESS money than he is currently on to join Newcastle. According to reports, Alan Pardew is interested in the Bayer Leverkusen wide-man to replace Joey Barton. While others suggest the Swiss international has taken the eye of Mike Ashley . not Pardew! Ashley moves in mysterious ways, as Kevin Keegan found out when Dennis Wise brought in two players KK had not even heard of. No matter WHO has put Barnetta on Newcastle's radar (Pardew or Ashley) . the player's British representative Barry McIntosh has acted with fury at Newcastle's offer for the player. McIntosh: "As it stands there is not a hope in hell that he will be going to Newcastle. In fact I am angry at their attempts to do it, and behind my back also. "They have made an approach, but their offer equates to somewhere in the region of £40,000-a-week - which is just ridiculous. "Why on earth would Tranquilo move to Newcastle for less money? No offence to Newcastle, he would possibly consider going to Arsenal, Liverpool even Tottenham for less - but not Newcastle. "They have known all along, what it would take to land Barnetta and what he is earning now, and this sort of offer really does border on ridiculous."