Back To The Drawing Board For Pardew!

01 October 2013 12:13
Alan Pardew admitted his Newcastle United side had no case for the defence at Goodison Park last night.

Alan Pardew: “You can’t concede goals like that at this level, I’m afraid.

“We gave ourselves a mountain to climb.

“We had more or less the same players in the second half, but for two changes at half-time.

“There was a change of attitude.

“There was a tackle won, a header won and it makes all the difference. Then suddenly we’re back in it.

“Really and truly, all we had to play for was pride in the end.

“Those goals in the first half, I’m sorry – we can’t defend like that.

“There have been a few signs of conceding goals, and we have to tighten up.

“Our goals against doesn’t look good. We need to tighten that defensive side of things.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad