Ashley's Puppet Has Been Given Another Promise!

01 February 2011 03:18
Alan Pardew took the Newcastle Utd job on the condition NO STAR PLAYER WOULD BE SOLD! Today he tells us Mike Ashley has given him ANOTHER promise. Let's hope it's better than the last one! Who in their right mind would believe a word Mike Ashley says? Apparently Alan Pardew! Ashley has given the Toon boss ANOTHER promise, probably written on bog paper, and Pardew believes every word. But, what else can he do? He's Ashley's puppet, and if he didn't realise Ashley was pulling his strings yesterday . the penny will drop very soon. Alan Pardew: "The one thing I said to Mike yesterday was, 'Look, if this boy is going to go, this money has to be reinvested in the team, all of it', and he has assured me of that. "For the Newcastle fan, that is the most important message I can give today, that all that money will be used. "Could it have been used yesterday? Late last night, we made a couple of bids, but we were getting extortionate figures thrown at us. It was ridiculous. "Were we going to pay an overhiked price for a lesser product than Andy Carroll? "No, so unfortunately as I sit here now, I am weaker than I was yesterday because I had Andy Carroll maybe four or five weeks away (from full fitness). "No, I am not comfortable with it, but it is what it is."