Ashley's 'Jobs For The Boys'!

23 June 2013 01:07
Joe Kinnear's sudden return to top-flight football shocked everyone this week, but with Mike Ashley . ANYTHING is possible.

Joe Kinnear struggles to pronounce the names of his own players, AND he was the reason we were relegated in 2009 . but at the end of the day . he's a mate of Ashley.

And that goes way beyond any practical, or 'football' reason', to bring in someone who would actually BENEFIT the club!

John Cross of the Mirror firmly believes the writing is now on the wall for Alan Pardew, because he ain't Ashley 'mate' anymore.

When asked which of the two men is likely to remain longer at St James’ Park, John doesn’t hesitate: “I think Joe Kinnear will last longest.

"Mike Ashley is clearly very close and very friendly with him.

"While we’ve all chuckled and ridiculed him [Kinnear] and his statements – which look ridiculous – it’s clear that Ashley has been blinded by friendship and loyalty.

“He’s appointed a mate.

"It’s the old boys’ network, isn’t it? Ultimately, Kinnear will survive, Pardew won’t!”

Source: Newcastle United Mad