Ashley's Hilarious Fans Forum

06 November 2013 01:58
The Newcastle United Supporters Trust are banned from the newly-formed Fans Forum. So what makes them so determined to re-join Mike Ashley's new version of 'Hitler Youth'?

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust are willing to meet club officials to discuss if there is any way to move forward after last week’s decision to bar them after just one meeting.

The next Fans Forum meeting takes place at St James’ Park on Monday, December 16 and at this moment the Trust will not be represented.Trust member Colin Whittle: “It is disappointing to be banned after one meeting.“Nothing is irretrievable. We did not go in there for a fight. We want an open relationship with the club. We want to have a constructive relationship.“Let’s get together with the people who are organising the forums.“Let’s talk about why we are banned and if it is (a problem with) protocol then we will be perfectly happy to sit down again.“They would have to accept that we would ask difficult questions, but we would always be open to discussion.“We would never say no. That would be cutting off your nose to spite your face.“There certainly wasn’t any intention of ‘winning the race’ to give the first account of the Forum meeting, it was a case of Newcastle United putting their minutes up late and not NUST rushing to put up our account first.“They are remarkably similar to the club’s minutes. There is nothing in there that is controversial.“The meeting was five weeks ago.the ban came from nowhere and without warning.”

Listen lads . if it doesn't happen; if Ashley doesn't want you back; it isn't the end of the world.

He's a fat twat with the attitude of a three-year old.

Let him get on with it!

Source: Newcastle United Mad