Ashley Is Just 'Passing Through' Newcastle!

23 June 2013 12:58
Freddy Shepherd says NUFC will still be here . long after Mike Ashley is pushing up daisies.

Freddy Shepherd: “The Kinnear situation wasn’t handled the best.

“I’ve never seen a manager or director of football announce he’s taken the job before the club does.

“Ashley has got a big business there with Newcastle, and it’s silly not to include everyone in it, as the supporters are the most important thing.

“In most football clubs, certainly big football clubs like Newcastle, nobody really owns it, you are just passing through.

“Someone else is going to get it eventually, and it’s important you treat it with respect.

“I think what the supporters really need is some certainty there.

“The club should come out, and make it quite clear what’s happened as the last few days, it seems very murky the whole thing.

“Why don’t they just come out and say this or that, rather than staying behind a wall?

“Come out and say this is what we’re doing, and who knows, it might work and it might be the best thing that’s happened, I don’t know.

“But to have uncertainty is the last thing that supporters want.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad