Ashley Has Only ONE Concern - HIMSELF!

08 March 2010 12:41
Mike Ashley hasn't the BALLS to address the fans himself . and he leaves it all to managing director Derek Llambias. On Saturday the fans were told to "lay off" the club's owner. Llambias said in his programme notes that the Magpies would have gone into administration without owner Mike Ashley. But isn't that something we knew already? Ashley is the owner . and every owner in the Football League can pull the plug if they so wish. Sir John Hall could have put us into administration . but he didn't . and he didn't brag about it. Llambias says Ashley has spent £36million this season to keep the club on an even keel. But we always hear when Ashley puts money on the table . but we never got to know what happened to the dosh received from major transfers last season - Given, Duff, Bassong, Beye, N'Zogbia, Martins, etc. Nor did we find out what happened to the Premiership payment we were due to get as compensation for relegation. Llambias wants something done about the "minority whpo constantly berate Mike Ashley at away games". So what is he planning? Banning fans for voicing an opinion? Do you sense ANOTHER ridiculous PR stunt from those two muppets? Does a leopard ever change its spots? Is Ashley seriously that DESPERATE to be loved?