Ashley Continues To Snub Toon Fans

24 July 2011 12:40
Bob Moncur has defended under-fire club owner Mike Ashley over claims he is ­ sitting on the Andy Carroll cash . but he also insists Ashley should improve his PR with the fans. The former Toon skipper says the time has come for Ashley to respect the Toon supporters more, rather than treat them as though they don't exist. Bob Moncur: “I think they (Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias) got off to a terrible start when they took over. "They need to try to get ­together with the fans. “To be fair to Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, there’s no doubt the club were in big trouble. “They managed to ­stabilise it and they have a plan to move on from there. “It’s not a case of buying massive names – Rome wasn’t built in a day. “People say, ‘Where has the £35m gone?’. But I’m sure there’s a good ­explanation."