Anita 'Harsh Words Were Said At Half-Time'

02 October 2013 10:46
Vurnon Anita says this weekend's game at Cardiff is as important as a Champions League game for Newcastle given the "worrying" state of the table.

Vurnon Anita: “The real Newcastle United is the team of the second half (at Everton), of course – not the first half.

“A couple of weeks ago we were doing very well and people were talking about us. Now we have lost two games but we must recover from this and show the real Newcastle.

“The table looks worrying now, I admit. It is a must-win game and I know that we will do much better.

“It is not just about the manager, it is about the whole team.

“We all want to win here as well, the fans as well. I understand that and we must improve and put it on the pitch on Saturday.

“You cannot underestimate anyone in the Premier League so Cardiff will be tough.

“But that game is like a Champions League game for us it is so important. We must give it our all.

“To get rid of this inconsistency we will watch what we did wrong and improve on it on the training ground.

“Then we must put it out on the field on Saturday – that is the main thing for us now.

“It went well in the second half but as I say we must look at the first half as well.

“That has to be good and we must keep on improving to go on.

“It is nice for me that I’m still in the team. I must keep on going and show myself.

“I am delighted to get minutes but I know that I cannot rest on what I have done. I must play well every week.

“The manager told us in the second half that we had to do better to prove something, which we did but it was not enough.

“Football is about two halves but we only played second half, which is not good.

“They were harsh words in the dressing room at half-time but they were the right things.

“You could see in the second half we did better so it was the right words for us.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad