Ameobi - 'Whatever Happens, Happens'

27 July 2013 10:27
Shola Ameobi says there's still life in his Newcastle United career yet.

Shola Ameobi: “There’s nothing I want to say about my Newcastle future.

“I’m a Newcastle player, and I’ve got a year left on my contract.

“Every season there’s been speculation about me. I’ve always been focused on Newcastle.

“Whatever happens, happens, but I don’t really pay much attention.

“I just want to score goals for Newcastle. I feel I can play football for Newcastle. I think I’ve got a little bit left in me.

“Whichever way the club wants to go, it’s down to them.

“If I’m wanted at Newcastle, I’ll play at Newcastle. If I’m not, I’ll go elsewhere.

“It means a lot to be playing now. I’m in the latter stages of my career. In recent months, I haven’t done that, which is very frustrating.

“I feel like I’m fit and strong enough to compete with anyone here at Newcastle. Hopefully, I can push for a place.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad