Alan Shearer presents Newcastle players with his 12 commandments

05 May 2009 03:39
The list, which comprises of 12 policies centred on punctuality, came into effect on April 29 and was presented to players as they prepared to face Liverpool in the league.

Any violation of the rules culminates in players being fined 10 per cent of their weekly salary for a first offence, 20 per cent for a second and 40 per cent for a third - anyone in breach after three strikes will have their fine decided by the manager.

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With Newcastle battling for survival in the Premier League the timing is said to have angered a number of players who think the club's focus would be better spent on tactics and on-field improvements. Unsurprisingly the level of the fines has not been met with open arms either.

The 12 "Brian Clough-esque" rules marks Shearer's latest move to get tough on a team he claims have been too relaxed in the past.

According to The Sun, when he and assistant coach Ian Dowie were first ushered into help out at St James' Park, their disciplinary regime was widely welcomed, but it now appears certain members of the squad consider it excessive.

The paper quotes a club source as saying: "Nobody would disagree that a club needs to be properly organised, with discipline and an order everyone understands.

'But to start writing down a list of offences that will get you fined at this stage of the season seems strange.

'It seems counter-productive to do it with so few games left. How many times could a player possibly be late for airport check-in now? It is just getting some people's backs up.

'The players want to get Newcastle out of relegation trouble and want a good team spirit but don't think this is particularly helpful.

'It is true some have been late on occasions but there are a couple of serial offenders. Some are never late and it looks like they are all being tarred with the same brush."

What constitutes lateness in Shearer's eyes:

Late for meal at team hotelLate for meeting at team hotelLate for walk at team hotelLate arrival at team hotelLate for airport report timeLate for coach report timeLate reporting to stadium dressing roomLate for meeting at training centreLate for meals at training centreLate reporting for treatmentLate out on to the training pitchLate arrival for training 

Source: Telegraph