Orange goes out the door as the Dutch go home

18 June 2012 04:17

Orange flags, orange T-shirts, orange hair paint and even gnomes wearing orange football shirts are destined to make an early exit off shelves in stores all around the Netherlands.

"By the end of today, all of this will be gone," Vinnie Jansen, manager at a large chain store in The Hague's busy central shopping district told AFP.

"For Euro 2012 articles, it's finished," he said.

Passionate football supporters, the Dutch spend millions of euros during big tournaments to deck themselves and their homes out in orange -- the country's national colour and that of its royal house.

But following the national squad's early demise in Kharkiv, banners were coming down on Monday and in many stores shelves where orange cowboy hats, braces and feather boas proudly sat until a few days ago, looked decidedly empty.

Source: AFP