Dunga rejects Cruyff criticism

01 July 2010 08:20

Brazil coach Dunga has dismissed Dutch legend Johan Cruyff's damning indictment of his team ahead of their World Cup quarter-final clash with Holland.

Cruyff insisted he would not pay to watch the current crop of Brazilians, who will continue their bid for a sixth world title at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth on Friday.

When asked about Cruyff's remarks, Dunga said: "It's up to him. Cruyff can pay to watch this game if he wants. There are many games on offer and democracy allows you to make your own choice. But I am sure Cruyff is not going to pay for the ticket, so therefore he can watch it if he wants to."

Dunga's team very much reflects both his personality and the way he played in the midfield engine room, and while the defensive resilience he has instilled may not be to the liking of all observers, he is making no apologies for his approach.

He continued: "My grandfather said in his day football was excellent. My father said that, I say that and I am sure my son and my grandson are going to say exactly the same, that in their day the football was very good, that the players could dribble magnificently, they could head magnificently.

"We know world-class players are always outstanding at any time."

Source: PA