Cruyff - Spain better than Holland

10 July 2010 03:02

Dutch legend Johan Cruyff feels Spain play better than Holland and expects Vicente del Bosque's side to win the World Cup final.

The 63 year-old, a legend at Barcelona having graced the club as both a player and a coach, is well-placed to judge both sides and sees Spain coming out on top, if they are allowed to play their natural game.

"Spain have always had good footballers and never a team, but now they have one," he said. "They have worked very well in the last few years and if they get into their rhythm, they should win. Normally Spain play better (than Holland), but that doesn't mean they will win."

Cruyff added: "Holland is a very balanced team, they know their strengths and their weaknesses, and up until now (at this World Cup) they have always been able to make their strengths shine through."

Source: PA