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28 March 2010 01:46
We can be grateful that it has been some time since Motherwell fans have had to pick over the bones of a defeat but the inevitable end to the unbeaten run has come. Craig and Archie will pour over the video of the game as they try to work out what went wrong and, more importantly, work up a plan for the Falkirk game ahead.   The post match comments from the manager tended to focus on the strength of the opposition rather than the failings evident in our own team.  Maybe these observations are better kept private. Everyone accepts that the game’s turning point was Dixon’s rash challenge on O’Brien.  The referee was correct to show red and the BBC Alba footage clearly shows a high boot crunching into the Motherwell player’s ribs.  The dismissal not only spurred the home team to greater efforts but it and the home crowd’s constant barracking of the victim subdued O’Brien for the rest of the game.   Motherwell take the lead!!!aw, the flag's up An early warning that all was not going our way came when Craigan’s careless pass allowed United to float a ball into our box for Goodwillie to chase.  Ruddy rushed wide from his line but he had no chance of winning the ball before watching helplessly as the dangerous lob was escorted wide of the far post but Hammell.   The scare encouraged United’s belief and further added to the self-imposed pressure on our eleven.  We had a couple of chances before the fatal opener was conceded.  Murphy missed when unmarked with an header that should have found the net.  Then Lasley’s 15 yard drive defected off Sutton’s upper arm to beat Pernis.  It is doubtful if there was much intent on Sutton’s part but the assistant flagged to cut the celebrations short. The goals were reminiscent of defensive failings of old.  Slack marking of both Webster allowed a powerful downward header and Goodwillie happened to be in the right place to touch it beyond Ruddy’s outstretched hands.  The farcical concession of the second just before the break will live long in the memory of the keeper.  Repeated viewing of Craigan’s pass back shows that there was no great pressure on the keeper.  It is not clear if the ball jumped at the critical moment but the ball was a yard high when Bauben arrived on the scene to be presented with the simplest of finishes.  The second half was unendingly tedious.  We were devoid of fight, urgency and the skill needed to break through a double line of defence.  Almost the whole period was played out in the United half but it never looked like a goal was coming our way. Coke replaced Humphrey twenty minutes in and although he had clear sight of the goal on two occasions his weak efforts were entirely consistent with the threat carried by his team mates.  The third goal banished any lingering hope and final whistle stopped the punishment. A win next week will be needed to confirm that this was ‘a bad day at the office’! Follow us on Twitter | Receive News Updates Via RSS Latest Topics From the Message Board Click here to share your views with other Motherwell Fans