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20 April 2013 07:33
How lucky are we? By their nature feats that make their way into the record books are rare beasts. All the more reason that we should celebrate Michal Higdon's goal haul this season.

The big striker was in good form when he talked after the game at Tannadice.  He was rightly proud of both of the goals that caused him to equal then pass Willie Pettigrew’s post-war scoring record.   

The first, after only two minutes, was a terrific shot into the top right of the goal from over twenty yards and he second was a low drive to the bottom left.  Both provided an excellent illustration of his skill as a goal scorer and it would have been fitting if he had scored a third with a towering header.

When Stuart McCall was asked to comment on the achievement he was quick to praise Higdon’s contribution to the harmony in the squad as well as his goals but he also pointed out that without the service of Ojamaa and others there would have been no record.

The manager and player kept open the possibility that we might see him leading the line next season but, as ever, we’ll just have to wait and hope. 

It’s inevitable that comparisons will be made with Pettigrew but given the forty year gap between the records and the different styles on show it is questionable whether the effort makes sense.  Those fortunate enough to see Motherwell in the 1970s will hold on to the memory of the fleet footed striker who was able to strike without changing stride.  The fact that it has taken so long for his record to be overtaken speaks volumes for the achievement.

Source: FirParkCorner