St Mirren - has the smoke cleared?

15 September 2013 10:36
"We deserved to win" was how Stuart McCall summed up a fine afternoon's work in Paisley. The victory completed a nine point hat trick and adds to the self belief that should be growing in the squad. Off-field shenanigans were another matter

Motherwell created more goal scoring opportunities and with Sutton and Anier on the field there was always the likelihood that we would score.  It's fair to say that more chances should have been converted  but we scored one more than our opponents.

St Mirren's lack of punch was highlighted by the waste of three free kicks from the danger area.  In the first half they had one on the left edge of the box following Hutchison's booking then one on their right when Lasley was penalised and in added time our frantic defending gave up a set piece dead centre 24 yards from goal.  On each occasion the ball flew high and asked Hollis no question.  No wonder there's mounting concern in Greenhill Road.

We can expect to hear more of the activity that took place at the west end of the away stand.  As usual, our travelling chorus kept up a marvellous and prolonged series of songs, chants and choreographed animation throughout the game - all to the beat of the drum.  For the most part they were the focus of  twenty to thirty police officers most of whom were called from other duties away from the ground to contain the exuberance of a few youngsters.

The prelude to the game saw a few streamers landing on the pitch and as the game started the familiar whiff and cloud of yellow smoke drifted from the stand.  A steward dealt with a canister at trackside armed with his sand filled bucket.  It looked like an attempt was made to identify a few likely lads, they were ejected and the stand-off commenced.  As the game progressed more police vehicles delivered Scotland's finest to the scene of the unfolding drama.  It looked like they added to the tension rather than the reverse.

The presence of so many high visibility jackets gave the choir extra impetus and they raised the collective voice with added gusto.  No doubt stern words were recorded in the SPFL observer's notebook and the referee may make some reference in his match report.  The club has some work to do and they background channels to the East Stand chorus should expect a busy week ahead.

Source: FirParkCorner