St Johnstone - 24h on

20 May 2013 02:29
Looking back, it was always likely that Sunday's game would be a bit of a damp squib as it followed the end of season party of the previous week. There's no denying that the hungrier team won the day.

The main issue that arose was the treatment of a substantial number of away fans. It was obvious that the Perth club had underestimated the likely turnout from Lanarkshire and the result was muddle, confusion, anger and late entry to the game for hundreds of Motherwell fans who had to relocate to the overspill section in the Ormond stand behind the goal.

To add insult to an already frustrated stream of fans they were charged £22 to sit in the same stand as home supporters who had paid only £15.  The concept of customer service has not yet reached Perth!

It soon became apparent that the Motherwell were bit players in the game.  In truth, we never got going and it seemed that we were only going through the formality of the occasion. 

The highlight was Randolph’s swing on the bar as he left the half time kickabout. 

Hutchinson's header was as close as we came to scoring

Concerns about the makeup of next season’s squad can wait for a while as we enjoy a period of reflection on the wonderful thrills we’ve experienced since last July.  The trips to Athens and Valencia became a gateway to a fabulous league campaign and we can only dream that 2013/14 will come close.

Source: FirParkCorner