Since I Was Young - Issue 1 out on Sunday

13 January 2013 11:44
We have a new fanzine! Born from the East Stand, 'Since I Was Young' makes its debut before Sunday's game against St Johnstone.

At a time when the sharing of ideas by internet publications, forums, Twitter, Facebook and so on has become the norm, it takes some courage to revert to the more traditional printed word to get a message across.

Issues of our long running fanzines, Waiting for the Great Leap Forward and One Step Beyond, are rare sights these days and their dwindling sales are unlikely to recover anytime soon.  Websites and social media are the current favourites for fans' banter.

The new fanzine (32 colourful A5 pages) comes from the phenomenon that has become a familiar part of match days at Motherwell games home and away in the last few seasons.  At Fir Park the atmosphere generated at the end of the East Stand has lifted the genteel support that has characterised our crowds for years and injected some noisy vitality to encourage the team.  This new venture hopes to widen the spread of 'fan culture'.

Proceeds from the £2 cover price are to help fund the banners, flags and displays that are now the norm with fan groups.  The lead article talks about efforts to make the at atmosphere at Fir Park "better, louder and more consistent" and about building relationships with similar groups encountered in our European tours. 

This debut issue carries a four page spread featuring a developing friendship with supporters of Aalesunds FK, sections on music and clothes, an interview with Keith Lasley (pity about the feint text on a dark background), a visit to Italy, comment on  the criminalisation of fans and an explanation of sticker art.

There's limited print run for this edition and copies can be had on the approaches to the ground on Sunday.  The fanzine is keen to accept contributions for future issues and can be contacted by email (, Twitter (@siwy) and Facebook (sinceiwasyoung).

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Source: FirParkCorner