Randolph offered two match ban

27 November 2012 01:04
The SFA's Compliance Officer has issued a 'notice of complaint' against Darren Randolph following the clash with Callum Paterson on Saturday. If the two match suspension is contested the hearing will take place on Thursday.

The coming together of the players has been the focus of much attention both on television and in the press.  It was highlighted repeatedly as the only incident of note in an otherwise drab encounter.

Randolph on Saturday

The age old debate is about a goalkeeper's need to protect his body when rising for a high ball when faced with an onrushing forward.  No one doubts that contact was made but the issue will be one of intent.

Randolph has until 3pm on Wednesday to respond to the allegation so he'll be available for Tuesday's match against Dundee United.  Should the club choose to reject the offer of a two match suspension a Fast Track Tribunal will be convened on Thursday (29th November) to consider the complaint.

An unsuccessful appeal will cost the club £1,000.

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Source: FirParkCorner