One to forget

24 February 2013 10:16
It was a long, depressing journey home for the Motherwell fans who watched their team huff and puff then surrender to a Ross County side that were full of determination and fight.

On the way down the road those supporters will have heard the post match comments of the manager.  He accused the players of not having the stomach for the fight.  He gave none of them pass marks and even criticised Randolph’s distribution.  It was all he could do to keep his calm under questioning.  He was an angry man.

McCall let it be known that he shared his views with the players in the dressing room.  No doubt there was a chilly and reflective atmosphere in the team bus as it travelled down the A9.

We have a few days to clear the air before Celtic come for the $ky game on Wednesday night.  While we will rightly be second favourites for that game the least that will be acceptable will be an unwillingness to concede the game without a fight. 

Given the past history of the Fir Park pitch we’re hardly in a position to make adverse comments about the state of Victoria Park but there’s no doubt that the bobbles and bounces forced long rather than short passes.  The surface was heavily sanded but it looked to be in need of a soaking. 

The Well Bois were banded together (complete with drum) behind the goal and they provided a fascinating sight for the home crowd.  No doubt they were impressed with the lung bursting effort and stamina needed such a prolonged series of songs and chants.  It’s a pity that the series of smoke flares that were ignited around 3pm tarnished the growing reputation of this group. 

The police controlled cameras were fixed on this group of fifty or so for the whole match.  Stewards and police moved in and it was no surprise to see at least one removed from the ground.  It would be a shame if the other grounds we visit start restricting banners, drums and standing.

Source: FirParkCorner