One Step Beyond at Fir Park this weekend

04 April 2013 09:30
Issue 97 is coming up soon. Saturday's game against St Mirren will be graced with our presence after what seems an eternity since the last one. Sellers will be on the streets after 2pm, or whenever the bottles of Becks are emptied.

Some new names on the contributors list this time round, all welcome of course and with a point to prove. It’s hard to be critical of the team just now, but obviously we try. Old Firm chat is always on the agenda 'cos it's just so easy to pick fault there. Lazy I know but hey, you try pulling 40 pages together around your work.

The debate surrounding the future of OSB has raged, well flickered on and off if truth be told, for a quite a while now and to be honest no definite decision has been reached. Some favour a switch to online publishing, others would like to soldier on but it’s getting harder with every passing season. A price rise is to me not on, we would lose readers with an increase which would negate the advantages I reckon but others argue against this view. I know plenty readers disagree, the number of times I’ve been asked whilst selling why the price hasn’t gone up.

It washes its face just about, it’s a labour of love and it’s still going to be around in it’s current format next season at least so for now there is no real debate to be had. Views are welcome as always between now and then but let’s just enjoy this tremendous season we’re having and hopefully have a laugh along with your victory on Saturday.

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