Motherwell wins backing for reconstruction plans

02 February 2013 04:37
Following a meeting of Well Society members on Saturday the club won support for its backing of the 12-12-18 reconstruction proposals. The club will hold an open meeting of fans in the next few weeks to widen the consultation process.

Persuasive arguments from Leeann Dempster and Derek Weir convinced an initially sceptical audience of around a hundred that the way to the preferred goal of a larger top division was to proceed with the current SPL/SFL proposal for a 12-12-18 structure with the associated benefits that would flow from a reformed distribution of the commercial revenues and 75% voting regime.

Leeann delivered a presentation that argued the best way forward for Motherwell FC and Scottish football was to support the current reconstruction plan.  The alternative was the bleak financial outlook that would come with the status quo.

The strengths that would follow from the revision of the professional game outweighed the disadvantages.  An open and frank exchange of questions and answers ran through the two hour meeting and Derek Weir’s insight that came from his experience on the SPL board backed up the view that this was the best route to secure the club’s stability.

The redistribution of money from the top end to clubs currently in Division 1 would, hopefully, mean that serious consideration could be given to an enlarged top flight in a few years.  The formation of the ‘middle eight’ would lessen the pain of relegation and increase the chance of a quick return for whatever team was in that situation.

The chance of attracting a sponsor for the new setup (the Clydesdale Bank deal ends this season) was much higher than for the existing SPL structure.

The meeting concluded with a show of hands that indicated an overwhelming majority in favour of the new deal and the club will now extend the debate to a wider audience of supporters possibly within the next two weeks.

Many present admitted that their views were changed in the course of the afternoon and accepted that, despite the faults, the revamp should take place at the start of next season.

Source: FirParkCorner