Fir Park's Sunday Party

13 May 2013 12:35
What better way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon than with friends and family? Even better is to spend it at Fir Park with Motherwell scoring a couple of excellent goals and the players joining in the festivities.

It is a measure of the success of the team in recent seasons that we were able to deliver a comfortable win without any great strain.  The result was important as it delivered the gloss on the day and the fans were able to thank the players in style.

The nature of the transfer system means that it is not always possible for players and supporters to exchange farewells but on this occasion both sides were able to deliver heartfelt goodbyes.

Randolph and Law had the late substitutions to give them a well deserved stage before they took to the track after the game surrounded by their team-mates.  What was striking about the procession was the number of toddlers on show. 

A few of those memorable moments are captured below.






Source: FirParkCorner