Craig makes some offers

27 May 2010 09:15
It might be the time of year for footballers to be on the beach but Craig Brown seems to be hard at work trying to put together a team. The small squad that saw us through last season has been reduced as loan players end their terms and by the departure of Jim O’Brien.  McGlinchey  is gone and it seems likely that Ruddy and Jutkiewicz will follow.  Hateley and Coke are now out of contract and are free agents.  We have offered them deals and in Craig’s words “they've got until the end of June to accept or move on."  Mark Reynolds remains a Motherwell player at the moment but there is an expectation that some offer(s) might arrive before the window shuts. It is reported that we have made offers to two players.  The mystery men have been playing in Scotland and are now out of contract but Brown believes that others also have an interest in them.  The weakness in our case is that we may be offering less than they can expect elsewhere.  “If it's a money thing, Motherwell are unlikely to be able to compete but if it's an opportunity to get a game every week, we might have a chance.  We are not offering the guys what they're worth - we are offering what we can afford.” He also pointed out that since they arrived any movement of players has been out, no one has been added.  Now they have a chance to start to build a team and the happenings in the next few weeks will be critical. Follow us on Twitter | Receive News Updates Via RSS Latest Topics From the Message Board Click here to share your views with other Motherwell Fans